Eating Local

5 Ways to Start and Sustain Eating Local

Eating local can potentially do a lot of good not just to your diet but also to the local economy and the environment. As you eat more food that did not travel several miles to get on your table, you are also supporting the farmers and food producers in your city or community. If you are considering making some small changes to start living a more sustainable lifestyle, here are some ways to get started and sustain eating locally.

1. Get to know seasonal foods
Eating local is a great way to get to know more of the seasonal foods in your area. Knowing what in-season food you can expect to find at the farmers market can help you plan various ways to cook or prepare food dishes with them.

2. Shop at farmers markets near you
The best place to find local produce and other food products is at the farmers markets in your area. Explore the farmers markets near you and find the produce and other home-grown or locally-produced food that you can buy from them.

3. Buy food from sources that are locally-sourced
Buy from stores that sell locally-grown or produced food products and ingredients. Read food labels to find out the sources of the products you are buying. Leave anything on the shelf that has more mileage than you.

4. Grow your own edible garden
Growing your own garden may seem like a daunting task if you are a city dweller. But it does not have to be harder than it may initially seem to be. You can grow your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables regardless if you live in a house with a backyard or not. Container gardening is just one of the simple ways you can start growing some of the food you eat.

5. Eat at restaurants that source locally
Dine in restaurants that source their food and wide array of ingredients from local producers. This is a great way to support not just local food producers but also the restaurants that support them.